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"Shark Tank" - Emerald Coast Style - Young Entrepreneurs Academy

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A group of 23 teenagers culminated 30-weeks of the Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce's Young Entrepreneurs Academy training by pitching their business ideas to 5 local business owners.  The event took place on April 2, 2014 at the Fort Walton Beach Civic Auditorium.

Barbara Briit, Founder & CEO of B Britt LLC, who facilitated the students training, provided opening remarks.

Lynn Dominique of Revive Media LLC was the Master of Ceremony for this event, introducing the judges/investors and each of the student entrepreneurs.  His opening remarks provided some good insights for the students as to what makes a good entreprneur.

Stephen G. Arnett, Jr was first up to present his business - "SGAJ Detail and Car Wash."

Brooke Graves nad Carolyn Alaniz showed off their trendy, homemade jewelry for their business - "Just Because Jewelry."

Susan Shea, the Senior Practive Operations Director for White-Wilson Medical Center, and Simona Faroni, the DVS at G.S. Gelato & Sorbet were 2 of the 5 investors listening to the student entrepreneurs' pitches.

Alexis Curtis, Catherine Fraser, and Tiffany Larson present thier after-school tutoring service - "Innovation of Education."

Matthew Weas shows off his custom-built beach cart for his business concept - "Coastal Concierge Beach Service."

Daniel Walker tells how he wants to join the Chamber of Commerce to help local business with their promotional video needs utilizing his - "Dub D Promotions" service.

D.C. Mickel, President & CEO of Payroll Management Inc. asks some tough questions to help the student entrepreneurs understand risks with the unexpected.

Amara Harris tempted the judges with tasty samples of her business treats from "Amara's Cupcakes & Baked Goods."

Grant Graves tells how he can help other students build confidence and learn to work with others through improv skills with his business concept - "Theatre Builds Character."

Kenny Phu and Matthew Smith don't monkey around as they demonstrate the protective capabilities of their custom-designed iPhone case for their business - "Munkey Business."

Mitch Mongell, the CEO of Fort Walton Beach Medical Center, questions "Munkey Business" shipping cost projections presented in their financials.

Ryan Kochan present his "better" pencil case concept which has everybody thinking that he may be on to something great with with "Kochan Cases" business concept.

Isabella Perez rounds up the presentations with her innovated infant car seat safety alarms prototype for her "Forget Me Not Technologies" business concept.

Chris Sehman, founder of Helen Back and other businesses, shares his wisdom and askes some great questions to get our young entrepreneurs to really consider the real costs and risks of their business concepts.

All of our young entrepreneurs were awarded some investment capitals from our "Shark Tank" panel of local investors.

Ryan Kochan was the top entrepreneur pick with a full amount investment capital award from the investors and he will advance to the regional competition, the winner of the regional contest will get a chance to present their business to the real "Sharks" of "Shark Tank."

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