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About Us

Emerald Coast Internet Television begins its operation in October 2011.  As time proceeds towards the Holidays, more content and features will be added to the station's website. 

The idea behind Emerald Coast Television is to help the communities of Northwest Florida to get more local news, information, and entertainment available to the masses:

  • More timely! (Quick production for faster "shoot to broadcast" to "LIVE streaming" with instant replay)
  • More information!! (No time limit-restrictions as in broadcast)
  • And most importantly, more affordable!!! (Compared to other broadcast TV production costs)

We are creating a "Producers Club" to help individuals with great stories to tell or a show series ideas they'd like to produce.  We will provide education and training, availability of equipment and crew, as well as how to promote their show and get sponsorship. We want to "teach you how to fish" so you can be your own producer.  Why, because there are so many things in this world to show and tell that we can't cover all of it, but others can.  In this game, the more content we can provide that provides news, information, and entertainment to our Emerald Coast Community, the better we can serve them.

Feel free to contact us more information on how we can help you "get the word out," produce your own show, or promote your business.